Editorial Alfredo Buzzi (EAB) is publishing project concerned with topics of interest shared between culture and the medical sciences (Medical Humanities).

The field of Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary academic field that links health and medicine to the humanities, the academic disciplines that study human culture: philosophy, ethics, history, archaeology, religion, arts (literature, theatre, visual arts, music), and social sciences (sociology, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, politics, economics, law, communication, cultural studies).

Disciplines usually included in this category are history of medicine, bioethics, medical epistemology, medical aesthetics, medical etymology, medical education, medical sociology, medical anthropology, health economics, health law, health policy, and health communication, among others.

In short, EAB accepts all approaches to culture and medicine, with emphasis on creative thinking.

Therefore, our publications are aimed at a broad group of readers (inside and outside the medical community), providing a revealing insight into the relationship between culture and medicine.


Beyond medicine

Diseases, with its symptoms and signs, its diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments, are full of aspects that are not strictly medical: the story of the disease itself, its name, the story of those who have described them, the vicissitudes of patients that suffered them, its onset on literature, art, music and movies.

It also pertinent to analyze the social, cultural, political and economic processes related to scientific and technological activities.


Beyond physicians

It may be of interest to learn about the life of physicians that have contributed to medical knowledge, to know about their interests beyond medicine (many physicians have been poets, musicians, artists, politicians, sportsmen, cooks…) and also about the way we remember them today (their names are present in streets, buildings, squares, cities, hospitals etc.). They have written books that became classics. It may also be of interest to learn about contemporary physicians’ interests beyond medicine. A space used to recommend a book, a movie, a drink, a touristic destiny, a museum, a play or a way to cook fish.



Publishing Design

EAB is engaged in publishing, sales and worldwide distribution of publications both on print and digital formats.

Our marketing strategy is based on the publication of quality materials and a powerful distribution.

As a publisher we have a team specialized in the development of books and journals, in all formats (print and digital)

This multidisciplinary group of high human and professional qualities transforms your idea into reality, from the design to the distribution, offering all the solutions that your work needs.

We tailor our approach to your needs.

We advise you professionally.


Publication of your book

We edit unpublished works in any language, and we re-released when the author retains the copyright.

Our production covers various fields related to culture and medical sciences: essays, fiction, academic research, collections, etc.

We personalize our work, making a strategic analysis of your idea giving a comprehensive advice.


Promoting and Selling

The distribution and sale of books is done through our Web site, our distribution associated libraries and other means at our disposal.


Personalized Corporate Gifts

We produce personalized books creating content and designs to strengthen the message you want to publicize, communicating the value and identity of your company.

The personalized book is a creative and original gift, which will give better positioning and distinction of your company.

Also, we take care of your needs for promotional projects, positioning campaigns, business library, employee incentives, etc.