Our projects are like virgin wood: it needs to be carved to become a real object. The consolidation of such projects depends on the quality of the wood and also on the efforts, perseverance and skills with which we perform our work. Some projects have stopped or have not progressed in line with the expectations either because of the wood’s poor quality or because our inability to perform the work. There is no solution to a poor quality wood. But if the fail was ours, then the solution is within us. The future is there to be carved, and if we do not project ourselves into it, we will never get it and thus our dreams will never come true.

Only the fear of failure stops us from reaching our goals. We do not dare to change our everyday routine because of fear and because of fear we do not value the strength and power of our capabilities to create and change our future.

This journal is a project conceived with the idea of doing something different: a space for physicians to express themselves and find out more about the concerns, passions, pleasures and skills that are outside the merely scientific or technological sphere of medicine.

Diseases, with its symptoms and signs, its diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments, are full of aspects that are not strictly medical: the story of the disease itself, its name, the story of those who have described diseases, the vicissitudes of patients that suffered them; its onset on literature, art, music and movies.

It may be of interest to learn about the life of physicians that have contributed to medical knowledge, to know about their interests beyond medicine (many physicians have been poets, musicians, politicians, sportsmen, cooks…) and also about the way in which we remember them today (their names are present in streets, cities, hospitals etc.). They have written books that became classics.

It may also be of interest to learn about contemporary physicians’ interests beyond medicine, that is to say our own interests. A space used to recommend a book, a movie, a drink, a touristic destiny, a museum, a play or how to cook fish.

Due to its own essence, this Project needs to grow with everyone’s contribution. This means that “the wood” is of good quality. The efforts, perseverance and skills need to be accompanied by the pleasure of doing it. This is a space to share our concerns with everyone.

A goal should not be the end of the road, as success (and happiness) is a process and not a destination…

We invite you to walk this path together.

Alfredo E. Buzzi

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abril 2020
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